Join the UCVL

Membership benefits

Membership benefits

The UCVL (Union Commerciale de la Ville de Luxembourg– Luxembourg City Business Association) is the official body representing merchants in Luxembourg City, particularly in dealings with the public authorities.

The organisation's main goal is to promote and develop commerce and craft, with a view to developing commercial- and tourism-related activities in the city.

As the usual point of contact, the UCVL brings together, defends, and provides guidance and other information to the city's shop owners.


Keep up to date

The UCVL will keep you informed of commercial matters and projects geared towards stimulating commerce in Luxembourg City. By joining, you will gain access to:

  • A calendar highlighting key and commerce-related events
  • Visual materials and media in connection with commercial/national events, and shopping maps
  • Access to our members-only intranet
  • Regular newsletters with up-to-the-minute news and important information (festivals, legislation, construction projects, etc.)


Get advice tailored specifically to your needs

Thanks to our extensive network of partners, we can answer any queries you may have about commerce legislation. We also offer a wide range of training courses. We will support you in organising your own initiatives, be they private, local, regional, etc. Our network of partners is available to you and happy to help. We can advise you as to the feasibility of your projects, and assist you in your dealings with the municipal authorities.


Save on marketing and communications

Members enjoy the preferential rates that we have negotiated for advertising in the press, and reduced rates on commercial events, such as the Stroossemaartand the Braderie. If you operate a business in Luxembourg City but outside the area covered by the regular braderies, we can offer you a prime location to set up a stall, either in Ville-Haute or the Gare district.

Capitalise on our mass marketing campaigns run for sales events (braderies, Sunday openings, etc.), and get our advertising materials for free.


Increase your visibility

Put your business on the map – quite literally: our Shopping Map, known as the Shopper's GPS!

Our website, and its search engine, will help you to grow a new client base. We show the best side of your business, with photos, a description, your logo, brand names, products and services, location, contact details and opening hours. We will post links to your own website, your social media pages, and your email address. Register your shop as opening on Sundays, and we will direct weekend shoppers right to your door!

As a shop that opens on Sundays, your listing will be given prominence at the Cityshopping Info Point, providing shoppers with guidance and information. Tell your potential customers which products and services you offer.

You will receive one post per year on our Instagram page: @cityshoppingluxembourg We can also publicise your contact details and promotions on our social media pages.

Take advantage of our advertising campaigns, and the competitions we run (Advent Calendar, Braderie, and many more).


Organise your official opening

The UCVL will support you in organising your official opening by offering practical advice on how to choose the right date, helpful contacts (press, caterers, etc.), press releases, etc.


Play a direct role in Luxembourg City's prosperity

By joining us, you will secure your place as an active player in commerce in Luxembourg City. You can take part in all the UCVL's activities, and put forward your own ideas for commercial events. By responding to our surveys, you help us improve and establish a roadmap for future commercial events. You are invited to our Annual General Meeting, where you are entitled to vote on proposals.

Fees and taxes

A fee is charged for each point of sale. New members are entitled to a 50% discount on the annual fee if they join the UCVL after 30 June. Fees depend on the number of staff the shop employs, and where the shop is located in the city.

The number of staff used for this calculation is full-time equivalent, i.e. 40 hours a week (for example, two part-timers, each working 20 hours a week, are counted as one full-time member of staff).

  • Zone 1 is the area with the heaviest customer footfall, and zone 4 the least frequented.
  • For shops with an entrance located on a street corner between two different zones, the zone with the heaviest customer footfall will apply.
  • Shops situated in specific areas (shopping centres, Luxembourg Central Station, business parks, car parks, etc.) are subject to special conditions.
  • Shops located in passageways or on the upper floors of a building are classified as zone 4 (if they do not have any windows that are directly visible from the street).


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