What is the UCVL?


The UCVL (Union Commerciale de la Ville de Luxembourg– Luxembourg City Business Association) is the official body representing merchants in Luxembourg City, particularly in dealings with the public authorities. It was founded in 1906 and is the country's oldest trade union (current statutes of the association).

The term "commerce" or "commercial enterprise" refers to all commercial, craft, industrial and service activities within Luxembourg City's 24 districts.

The UCVL is a non-profit organisation with the aim of promoting and developing commerce, craft, and tourism-related activities in Luxembourg City.

As the usual point of contact, the UCVL brings together, defends, and provides guidance and other information to the city's shop owners.

  • UNITE Create a unit/hub of Luxembourg City retailers in order to deal more effectively with competition. To bring shop owners together and provide them with guidance and other information, with a view to boosting their businesses (information on the relevant legislation and regulations, marketing advice, etc.).
  • ACT / ENERGISE Manage, promote, boost and energise commerce in the city. Devise collective measures and innovative projects that will attract new customers to Luxembourg City, earn customer loyalty, and strengthen shops' brand image. Organise and promote commercial events, such as the Braderieand the Stroossemaart. Help traders set up and promote events in their local streets or districts.
  • DEFEND Represent and defend retailers in Luxembourg City in dealings with the public authorities (the Government, the municipal administration, professional guilds, etc.)

The UCVL headquarters are located at 1, rue Phillippe II ("Groussgasseck") in Luxembourg City, where it has a large conference room for administrative board assemblies, other meetings and training sessions.


Administrative Board

The Administrative Board broadly sets UCVL policy, ensures the association is running smoothly, lays the groundwork for projects at the Annual General Meeting, and enacts decisions, such as voting on the budget and steering the association's activities.

The UCVL's Administrative Board comprises 15 members:

  • Myriam Abid, Mim’z Shoes & accessories
  • Fabienne Belnou, Bijouterie Fabienne Belnou
  • Nicolas Bonnefoy, Nespresso
  • Julien Dos Santos, Grand Optical
  • Enza Fuzio, Ottika Enza
  • Dan Gantrel, Olliewood
  • Malvina Gelezuinas, Mano, Witry Rausch
  • Maurice Groben, Tango
  • Philippe Huger, Monoprix, Monop’, Naturalia
  • Alicia Kerber, Longchamp
  • Simon Panaccio, Just Home, Just Kids
  • Donato Pascalicchio, BGL BNP Paribas
  • Mireille Rahmé-Bley, Downtown, Café des Capucins, L’Avenue
  • Eric Santeramo, Devred, Mango, Ladurée
  • Caroline Thiery, Paris 8

Executive Bureau

Under the authority of the Administrative Board, the Executive Bureau handles the day-to-day running of the UCVL:

  • Mireille Rahmé-Bley, Chair
  • Malvina Gelezuinas, Vice-Chair
  • Dan Gantrel, Vice-Chair
  • Myriam Abid, Secretary
  • Donato Pascalicchio, Treasurer
  • Anne Darin, Director

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting discusses matters of importance (changes to the articles of association, changes in policy, etc.).

It elects the members of the Administrative Board. The Annual General Meeting is convened by Administrative Board and is held in the first quarter of every year.


Operational structure

The Cityshopping team implements measures decided upon by the Administrative Board. They are the UCVL's hands and feet, which actually carry out the association's activities on the ground.

  • Anne Darin, Director
  • Marie-Albane Jacques, Head of Projects
  • Amélie Hieronimus, Head of Communications
  • Valérie Welferinger, Administrative Manager
  • Manuel de Oliveira, Cityshopping Info Point receptionist

Cityshopping Info Point

In 2011, the UCVL set up the Cityshopping Info Point to provide information and promote shopping in Luxembourg City to the general public. It is situated in the very heart of the city, at 2, place d'Armes, in the historical Cercle Citébuilding – the site of many an exhibition, lecture and public or private event.

The Cityshopping Info Point is also a space for retailers: it provides them with information and access to services, and helps them set up collaborations and get projects off the ground.

UCVL projects

The UCVL team is actively working on original projects to make the city centre’s retail sector attractive and dynamic.